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Sidewalks & Patios

For the cement mason, sidewalks and patios can be one of the most gratifying areas of the trade. Usually the cement mason is responsible for the entire product, from the elevations, set up,subgrade, and ordering materials, as well as the placing and finishing of the concrete.  At times the cement mason is also given the responsibility of …

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Power Screed Operations

Cement masons use screeds to bring concrete to finish level, thus, bringing the concrete to grade level. The screeding process creates a slab with an essential “plane” surface. Screed tools may be as simple as a piece of wood or as a complex as a selfpropelled high production machine. Cement masons require a variety of …

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Fundamental Math

Being able to calculate area, volume, and proportions is a valuable skill in the concrete industry. Calculating area allows you to estimate materials.  Volume measurements help you to estimate concrete for walls, steps, and floor slabs, for example. Ratios and proportions are required for mixing ingredients properly and for understanding relationships such as heat loss …

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