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Site Layout

It is very important to know local regulations, covenants, restrictions, and zoning laws prior to laying out a project.  Knowing these laws could save time, money and possible lawsuits.  Accuracy is also essential in site layouts. The cost of redoing or making architectural changes may be prohibitive or unacceptable.  Compare site layout to a journey. The first step may mean …

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Screeds and Bulkheads

Large concrete slabs often require multiple pours to complete. This requires the construction of bulkheads to contain the fresh concrete in each section and the construction of screeds to ensure the proper grade is maintained across the width of the pour. In addition to being strong enough to contain the fresh concrete, bulkheads must also be …

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Edge Forms on Grade

Constructing and setting edge forms on grade is a skill all cement masons should know regardless of their specialty. As a student, you may have already acquired some skill at finishing concrete, but there is important work to be done by the cement mason before the concrete is even delivered to the site. Each pour …

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