Unit 11


Concrete steps are preferred by many builders because of their strength and versatility. There are two basic forms of steps: solid fill base, in which the steps are earth supported, and open, in which the steps are suspended with support at the top and bottom. A third type is precast which is poured and cured …

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Forming Tools

Concrete work requires the use of forming tools. They include some hand tools, circular saws, measuring tools, and leveling instruments. Using forming tools properly and safely requires practice. This unit introduces you to basic forming tools and how to use them. Read Book 1 / Unit 11  Review “Words You Should Know”  Watch the video …

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Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Cement masons expose aggregate to create decorative effects on a variety of concrete surfaces, including walls, driveways and walkways. The concept is simple: after pouring the concrete, cement masons remove some portion of the surface mortar to reveal the underlying aggregate. The amount of mortar removed and the amount of aggregate that is exposed will vary with the specifications and the …

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