Unit 13

Leveling and Transits

As you gain skills as a cement mason, you’ll move from finishing concrete to building formwork and eventually laying out building sites. As you have learned in other units, it is vitally important that building lines be laid out accurately, that screeds are set to the proper grade, and that driveways and slabs have the […]

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Site Layout

It is very important to know local regulations, covenants, restrictions, and zoning laws prior to laying out a project.  Knowing these laws could save time, money and possible lawsuits.  Accuracy is also essential in site layouts. The cost of redoing or making architectural changes may be prohibitive or unacceptable.  Compare site layout to a journey. The first step may mean

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Surface Defects

In this unit you will review grinding, rubbing, and sacking are just a few of the ways concrete masons correct defects in concrete walls, floors, and ceilings.  Concrete repairs are inevitably necessary in nearly every concrete structure.   Read Book 1 / Unit 13  Review “Words You Should Know”  Watch the video below and answer Video Questions (If any): 

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Decorative Sawcutting

Both scoring and sawcutting can be used to create decorative effects that add depth and texture to concrete surfaces such as floors, patios and driveways. On hardened concrete, cement masons can sawcut lines that are straight, diagonal or circular.  Often these designs created by sawcutting are then stained with a variety of colors or etched

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