Unit 2

Edge Forms on Grade

Constructing and setting edge forms on grade is a skill all cement masons should know regardless of their specialty. As a student, you may have already acquired some skill at finishing concrete, but there is important work to be done by the cement mason before the concrete is even delivered to the site. Each pour …

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Production & History of Cement

Cement is one ingredient in concrete. How the cement is made is important. The manufacturing process must be carefully controlled to produce a cement that has required chemical and physical characteristics. This process can be broken down into five basic stages. Read Book 1 / Unit 2  Review “Words You Should Know”  Watch the video …

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Structural Repair

Epoxy injection is one of the most widely used methods of structural repair in the construction industry.  Epoxy adhesives are the most commonly used adhesives for crack repair, and are usually used through the injection process.  Epoxies offer excellent adhesion properties because of relatively low shrinkage during curing, and are also attracted molecularly to a wide variety of substances. Structural composites …

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