Unit 5


Shotcrete is a special application of concrete that requires the concrete mixture to be applied to a surface at a sufficient velocity in order to obtain compaction. Shotcrete is normally used for building and repairing vertical and overhead structures. Read Book 3 / Unit 5  Review “Words You Should Know”  Watch the video below and […]

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Finishing Floors

There is much more to finishing concrete floors than just leaving the finish as specified. How the concrete is poured, consolidated, and allowed to begin hardening before troweling has a direct effect on strength and durability. In this unit you will learn the proper techniques for finishing large slabs with both floats, hand trowels, and

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Measuring is one of the first basic skills that a cement mason should master.  Accurate measurements are very important. Cement masons should learn to use the correct tools and use them properly. When doing layout work there is no such thing as “good enough” or “close enough.” It should be accurate. Read Book 1 /

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